SARILAR GRUP has been offering operational vehicle rental service within the scope of a fleet since 1993 and it aims to keep offering this service in the future too.

In the fields of operational fleet rental, it serves both corporate firms and private firms.

In order to meet all demands for rental for 5 units or over this number, the group which is active in Turkey ensures that you drive your vehicle without experiencing any problems with the support of its contracted service networks and the fleet support service coordination in its headquarters.

With this approach, determining the suitable vehicle profile for structure and needs of firms and supplying these vehicles at the best expenses possible is the first step of the process. The established fleet is presented in its optimum state, considering financial structure of the demanding organization and its priorities.


  • To have a forever young vehicle fleet at the most economical prices,
  • To enhance motivation of our driver employees by enabling them to drive young and unproblematic vehicles,
  • Not to reserve capital or resources for a subject outside our scope of activity,
  • Not to necessarily track maintenance and repair workmanship for vehicles we use in our firm, insurance and pricing processes, regular vehicle checks and licensing procedures, stamp duty and tax obligations and not to make a workmanship investment in such a field,
  • Not to register and retrace the cost of such a purchase officially,
  • Not to reserve our limited loan resources for vehicle purchases,
  • Not to be occupied with a subject outside our scope of activity,
  • Not to be left without vehicles during long-term repairs,
  • To be able to record all rental expenses as invoiced output.